colouring books by children, for children

Creativity Without Borders

Colour Our Story facilitates the creation of colouring-in books by children for children across the World. These books are designed to empower, inspire and create a real sense of connection and global citizenship through the magical powers of storytelling and creativity.

Children exchange books with other children in a different part of the world and then more books are created and sold to the public. All proceeds provide creative opportunities, supplies and art therapy for children in the most need; they may be orphans, refugees, hospital patients, those recovering from trauma or disadvantaged in other ways.


Discover Our Book Collection

Thanks to our incredible voluntary team of Colour Our Story bookmakers, we now have books from New Zealand, Australia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Czech Republic and Indonesia with more coming soon including a global book ‘to Christchurch with Love’ and another special global book ‘Save Our World’

Ubuntu: I am because we are
— Old African Proverb


Call out for Creatives: Designers, Artists, Photographers etc

This is a callout to all artists and creatives around the world. Colour Our Story needs your help. You have a unique opportunity to use your creative gifts in a way that will light up young lives!

Be part of the Colour Our Story dream to help ensure children everywhere have access to creative opportunities and the empowering, therapeutic benefits they provide.


Follow Our Story

Beautiful bookmaking events have already taken place with children in Auckland and Dunedin in Aotearoa New Zealand, Melbourne in Australia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Czech Republic, and Indonesia with more coming soon in India, The Pacific, Canada, Laos and Cambodia. Would you like to join us and become a part of the story?

Imaginations are unleashed,
stories created and stories shared
— Jonathan Lyon


How To Get Involved

Everyone is welcome here regardless of their skills, background or location. It takes a village, as they say, and we all have something to contribute to help bring a little brightness and magic into children's lives the world over.

If you love children’s wild imaginations, their creativity and you believe, like we do, that art and story telling really do have the power to connect, empower, inspire and heal, then you have come to right place.


Calling On Parents, Teachers & Carers

Are you a parent, carer, teacher or involved with children in some other capacity? We would love to hear from you as there are so many different ways for your children to get involved with this unique and growing project. They could take part in their own creative exchange with somewhere far away or have a special colouring-in event with Colour Our Story books from around the globe.


Creatives, Travellers & Volunteers

Perhaps you are a creative of some description and would like to put your skills to use in a meaningful way that will impact children's lives. Or maybe, like us, you love travel, children and learning about different cultures and peoples’ stories. You may also be looking for volunteer opportunities. If you ticked one or more of those boxes we would love you to get in touch.