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Colour Our Story's Journey

What started as an idea and a dream just a couple of years ago is now well on its way to becoming a beautiful global movement. One of the most important things I want to share about this journey is that I did not get here alone. It takes a village and the more that village grows, the more impact we can have and the richer our impact becomes.


Hello. My name is Michelle Euinton and the world is where I call home. I grew up in Zimbabwe, with a few very special years spent in Kenya, and then moved to beautiful New Zealand to begin the next chapter of my life. Despite always being told that I’m a dreamer and a sensitive soul, I chose to remain defiantly so. I remember my childhood as quite a lonely time, but I would often seek solace within my wild imagination.

Following a series of heartbreaks and losses, I began a long, healing journey which combined my love of travel to fairly remote places with time spent with children and creativity. It was from this place that a magical idea was born.

It was really the children that led me to discover Colour Our Story through our shared experiences. I simply connected all the dots. 

I've had some truly unforgettable moments with children here in Aotearoa as well as in remote parts of South East Asia, Africa and Indonesia. As a creative, I naturally started facilitating creative outlets for the kids and in doing so, my eyes were opened to a whole new perspective that led me to uncover my purpose - my WHY.

So often children who are in or have come from disadvantaged or vulnerable situations carry with them all kinds of trauma and unresolved emotions. Tapping into the proven therapeutic wonders of creativity can have such positive, healing and empowering effects. 

As you’re probably aware, there are many incredible individuals, charities and organisations who care and provide for vulnerable children. They're putting in everything they possibly can, often with limited resources. Creativity is not generally given high priority on a list that can be so overwhelming. This is where I saw an opportunity to step in.

I believe something truly powerful and unstoppable comes from imaginations and dreams united and unleashed!

Giving children everywhere an opportunity to share their own worlds through drawings and short stories also empowers those that may have come from challenging circumstances. It allows them to feel that they matter, they are seen and they are loved. Whatever their experiences, their backgrounds or their place in this world, they are embraced and celebrated by other children far and wide with loving curiosity and empathy. 

Our Colour Our Story vision is to:

  • create a safe and nurturing space for children to express themselves

  • provide an interactive platform for them to share their own creations and stories with each other across borders and oceans

  • empower children to share their own narratives rather than be defined by their past or current circumstances

  • encourage a strong sense of global citizenship, connection and empathy as they start to explore each other's worlds

Children are the future but they also have the ability to be changemakers of today, if given half a chance.

They have the natural ability to believe, influence, inspire and create – create hope, create change and ultimately, create a better future.



Meet Our Village

Since Colour Our Story began, wonderful humans from New Zealand and around the world have come on board as volunteers, bookmakers, teachers, parents, artists, creatives, photographers, fellow travellers, carers, partners, supporters and collaborators.