Dunedin, New Zealand

dunedin new zealand colour our story

There was much chatter and laughter whilst soaking up the warm afternoon rays of spring sunshine from a local teacher’s gorgeous farm garden with a view! And from those conversations, the idea to create a colouring-in book from this stunning corner of the planet came to life.

It was yet another ‘meant to be’ moment - coming to the South Island to housesit for a few weeks and then meeting this amazing primary school teacher and new friend Paula Cross. Not long after sharing the story behind Colour Our Story, she was keen to get the kids at the school involved. After more than a couple of weeks of solitude, I was gradually feeling more and more alone rather than the feelings of peace I felt at the beginning, and my thoughts were starting to focus on all the pain and suffering in the world at the moment. But when I finally found myself surrounded by all the kids and teachers, it was just another wonderful reminder of how much love and hope is still alive when we choose to see it!

The kids completely embraced the idea of what they were creating for other kids far away. They understood that everyone needs to be reminded, that whatever their situation, they are not alone.

Distance or differences are no barrier when it comes to the power of love, imaginations and creativity!
— Michelle
dunedin colour our story new zealand
dunedin colour our story new zealand
dunedin colour our story new zealand

I was blown away by the artwork that piled up before my eyes and, as I said goodbye, some of the little ones rushed up and gave me the biggest group bear hugs!! This is why Colour Our Story exists. One book and one child at a time we can create opportunities for empowerment, love, empathy and global citizenship through the therapy of creativity.

I believe you'll be amazed and inspired by the Colour Our Story Dunedin book created by the children at Broad Bay School in Dunedin, New Zealand. I feel so blessed that I get to meet all these precious little souls from unique places that want to share their world and help other young kids far away.

It takes a village and we couldn’t do this without our bookmakers (graphic designers), tracers, typists, photographers, general volunteers, travellers, teachers, parents, carers, book buyers etc. We are always looking for more talent and energy so if you love creativity, children and the idea that through art we have the ability to connect, heal and empower children whilst inspiring love, empathy and global citizenship then please get in touch!

So I’d like to thank our wonderful friend Kriti Jain, from Christchurch, for helping to put the Dunedin book together.

Michelle Euinton