Cockle Bay School - Auckland, New Zealand

cockle bay school colour our story books auckland

I loved the special opportunity I had to visit the Cockle Bay Primary School in Auckland and present Colour Our Story to the students there! It was especially delightful to see my special young friend Lexi proudly showing all her school friends her and her sister's drawings and stories that were included in the very first Colour Our Story book with Auckland and Melbourne which was later exchanged with @orphfund kids in Uganda.

Auckland Bookmaking Event:

cockle bay auckland colour our story
cockle bay auckland colour our story
cockle bay auckland colour our story
The beautiful energy of about one hundred 6 and 7 year olds was amazing and their love for the project and our purpose was obvious.
— Michelle Euinton

Lexi and her older sister Ava are such kind and creative young souls and it’s always such a joy spending time with them and their wild imaginations. They recently sponsored Colour Our Story books and wrote loving little messages inside that I will be personally taking with me to Bali. But they also found some of their own art supplies that they wanted to me to take to the children there too which was so touching!

After my presentation at Lexi’s school the teachers then provided them with what they needed to create their book contributions and in no time at all I was sent a large pile of beautifully creative and imaginative drawings and stories from the heart..

I’d like to give a huge shout out to Kriti Jain in Christchurch, Lisa Gisby in Auckland and Meg Lee in Queenstown for helping put the 2 Cockle Bay books together. Thanks to our amazing volunteers we were able to get all the kids’ content traced, typed out, scanned and placed into our very easy design template. It takes a village and we couldn’t do this without them.

We are always looking for more talent and energy so if you love creativity, children and the idea that through art and storytelling we have the ability to connect, heal and empower children whilst inspiring love, empathy and global citizenship then please get in touch!

Michelle Euinton