Bali mountains and beaches


I have some very exciting news about my upcoming Bali trip in October this year that I'd love to share with you! Two years ago I found myself up in the mountains at the Bali Eco Lodge - and it honestly felt like heaven on earth!! I particularly loved all the contributions they’ve made over the years to the natural environment as well as the lives of the locals there in so many beautiful and inspiring ways. This includes helping a lot of the local children who live up in the mountains. I contacted them again recently to let them know that I'm coming back and I've just been told that they would love their local kids there to be involved in a new Colour Our Story Bali book. I’m now buzzing with excitement and anticipation!!

I briefly introduced Colour Our Story whilst I was there but unfortunately it wasn’t long enough to get an opportunity for a bookmaking event with the local kids. Instead I did something a bit different and special - I collected a few drawings and stories from young guests staying there and these were added into the Indonesia book which so perfectly express the pure curiosity of young travellers exploring new places.

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Thanks to a few beautiful connections and serendipitous moments I later found myself in yet another little piece of heaven… White Sand Beach, on the east coast near Candidasa, with a gorgeous bunch of local kids who had just started their holidays. I had the honour and joy of getting to know an amazingly talented and creative boy Putu, his little brother Kade and their beautiful family who run a wonderful little beach restaurant called Warung Sunrise.

Putu took my breathe away drawing a Balinese dancer from memory in a short space of time. He’s shared many other drawings with me since then and I’d love for Colour Our Story to help support his creative dreams!
— Michelle
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I spent several days on that beach colouring in the global collection of Colour Our Story books with the kids - encouraging them to draw and write little stories for the Indonesia book, practicing a bit of acra yoga with them and watching their incredible Origami skills in action - . Between these heart filled moments I would float in the warm, sparkly ocean, soaking in the beauty of such a special place that now feels like home to me.

My time there was also made unforgettable thanks to the beautiful Jana Račáková. She and I met and became instant friends and kindred spirits whilst exploring the wonders all around us and as soon as I told her about Colour Our Story she seemed to instantly fall in love with the idea and couldn't wait to join our global village and get involved! Before I knew it she was collecting drawings and stories from young kids at a small village in West Sumbawa, Indonesia called Kertasari, through an organisation called Fairnomad. These were then added to the Indonesia book collection and it became a wonderful collaborative project.

Jana then returned home and ran the same event with the little ones she teaches at a Primary School in Prague.

If you would like to join our Colour Our Story village that celebrates love, empathy, empowerment, global citizenship and the healing power of creativity please get in touch at We now have 2 wonderful new Colour Our Story books - Indonesia and Czech Republic thanks to global ambassadors like Jana and bookmakers like @catherine3820 Catherine and Tonielle @forgoodstudio from New Zealand.

Michelle Euinton