Prague, Czech Republic

colour our story prague czech republic

I absolutely adore the Prague book which came about thanks to a wonderful chance encounter whilst travelling through Bali two years ago. I met a beautiful young teacher and fellow nomad Jana Račáková, from Prague, and in no time at all we discovered we shared a deep passion for children, cultures, travel and creativity.

She loved the concept of Colour Our Story and could not wait to help facilitate the creation of a special book of drawings and stories in Indonesia and then again at her school in Prague so that children everywhere would be able to connect with these amazing places in the world through some of the children who live there.

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We both believe that the world needs curiosity, love, empathy and global connection more than ever!!
— Michelle

Once back in her hometown of Prague Jana asked the children in her class at Smarties School what it was they wanted to share with other young creatives around the world, particularly those on the west coast of Sumbawa, Indonesia where she volunteered with @fairnomad. She had also facilitated an opportunity for the Sumbawa kids to create their own unique drawings and stories for the Colour Our Story which were then added to the ones I collected myself in Bali and from there the Indonesia book came to life.

Jana’s classroom enthusiastically got to work on their own creations and also enjoyed colouring in pages from the Indonesia book as well as previous Colour Our Story books from the global collection.

We’re now so excited to have two books from these two very different places in the world! The Prague and Indonesia books are both so special and unique, showing the beautiful diversity of children around the world. They seem to have really understood the concept of global citizenship and empowering one another! It gives us so much joy to see so much love spreading to all over the globe!

I Love it when everything seems to align so perfectly... a very special new friend, Two new books and a whole lot of amazing new Colour Our Story kids with huge hearts and so much to share!
— Michelle

Both the Indonesia and Czech Republic books will be exchanged between the kids involved and also enjoyed and experienced by kids all around the world. We’re so excited for the next chapters of this story to unfold as the kids explore each other’s worlds with curious minds, open hearts and creative freedom through these colouring in books.

Jana has been doing incredible work, raising funds through the printing and selling the two books whilst filling up a big box of the Colour Our Story books and creative supplies that will soon be sent to the children at Fairnomad in Sumbawa, Indonesia. I’m so grateful for everything she’s doing and can’t wait to receive more news and see the photos of these creative kids receiving such wonderful creative gifts!

The Czech Republic book was lovingly put together by one of our amazing bookmaking volunteers Tonielle Purdy @forgoodstudio.

Michelle Euinton