Sumbawa, Indonesia

Sumbawa Indonesia Colour Our Story

The beautiful Jana Račáková and I met and became instant friends and kindred spirits whilst exploring the wonders of Bali two years ago and as soon as I told her about Colour Our Story she seemed to instantly fall in love with the idea and couldn't wait to join our global village and get involved! Before I knew it she was collecting drawings and stories from young kids at a small village in West Sumbawa, Indonesia called Kertasari, through an organisation called Fairnomad. She then returned home and ran the same event with the little ones she teaches at a Primary School in Prague.

They listened to me even when they didn’t understand what I was saying and we would communicate through games, songs and body language. Each day I arrived and left school with the biggest smile and we loved our time together! They also taught me so much and I will miss them!!
— Jana

We now have 2 wonderful new Colour Our Story books - Indonesia and Czech Republic thanks to our very special global ambassador Jana.

During that time I continued my own journey through Bali which lead me to such memorable experiences and opportunities to meet both young local kids, as well as travelling ones, collecting unique drawings and stories from them to add to this special Indonesia book. You can find out more about this story here…

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Recently Jana excitedly told me of her plans to send a wonderful creative package filled with copies of the Indonesia book, the Prague book and art supplies to the kids in Sumbawa so they can fill the books with colours and continue their Colour Our Story experience - celebrating love, empathy, empowerment, global citizenship and the therapeutic power of creativity. She’s already managed to print many of the books, raise donations and collect art supplies with the help of friends and her young students. We will later be able to send these children in Sumbawa copies of the whole global collection we have so far too. These are the actions that fill my cup to overflowing and give me hope that this project will continue to spread and grow all across this beautiful world of ours.

I love this place!! After School the kids go home and those who want to come back for my English class. Many of them come back so I need two groups and when they see me driving to school they run up and say hello miss Jana.
— Jana

If you would like to join our Colour Our Story village that celebrates love, empathy, empowerment, global citizenship and the healing power of creativity please get in touch at Our Indonesia and Czech Republic books were created with the help of our wonderful bookmaking volunteers Catherine @catherine3820 and Tonielle @forgoodstudio, both from New Zealand.

Michelle Euinton